Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Social Media Graphics For Your Small Business

When it comes to marketing your small business in the fast-paced world of social media, eye-catching graphics are essential! Pretty graphics will capture your audience’s attention…and keep it! If you aren’t sure how to create eye-catching social media graphics, keep reading! Learning the art of designing captivating graphics is a must so we’ll look at the way fonts, colors, and imagery play such an important role in creating an appealing social media presence. 


When picking fonts for your social media, you’ll want to keep these 2 things in mind. First, you’ll want to choose fonts that represent you or your brand’s personality. For example, if you have a boho brand, you won’t want to use gothic fonts. It just wouldn’t make sense!

Second, use fonts that are easy to read. Social media graphics are most often viewed on a small phone screen. So, you’ll want to choose fonts that are easy to read at smaller sizes. Avoid intricate fonts that lose legibility when viewed on a phone.

If you’ve invested in professional branding, it’s important to use your brand fonts on social media. This ensures that your brand is cohesive and recognizable across all platforms!


Colors are such an important tool when it comes to branding and social media. Not only do colors convey emotions, but they’re super memorable. If you use the same color palette over and over again, your audience will start recognizing your posts as being yours before they ever see your username! 

Choose colors that make sense for your brand. For example, if you want to have a brand that feels peaceful, you may gravitate towards soft colors like sage green or a dusty violet purple. If you want a brand that feels bold and happy, you may choose yellow or sky blue. 

Keep contrast in mind when creating graphics. Any text you place on a graphic should be lighter or darker than the background, with enough contrast so that it’s easy to read. Avoid letting important thoughts blend into the background. 


Images are a great way to take social media graphics from generic to eye-catching!  As always, you’ll want to use graphics that represent your brand and are high quality. It wouldn’t make sense to create a pretty graphic and then slap a blurry phone pic on top of it! 

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Bonus Tip

Now that you know the 3 key pieces to creating eye-catching social media graphics, I have one more tip for you! Keep everything consistent and cohesive!! Consistency ties everything together to make sure you have a brand and social media account that actually look like they go together. Not only is this visually pleasing and helps people remember you, but it’s an easy way to make your social media presence feel credible and well thought out. 

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Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Social Media Graphics For Your Small Business