3 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Branding Photos

You’re ready to take your business to the next level but aren’t sure if scheduling a branding session is the right move. Maybe you’ve had professional photos taken in the past or maybe you’ve never worked with a photographer before. Either way, investing in a brand photographer can feel like a big decision.

I get it! I want to help make your decision an easy choice. Here are my top 3 signs that it’s time to update your branding photos.

Featured in this blog are my branding photos for Madison Topsoil, Farrell Plowing, and DT Concrete

1. Your photos don’t reflect the quality of the work you do

It’s time to ditch the poorly lit, cell phone-quality photos because we’re living in a time where imagery and visuals matter more than ever! Just think about the amount of time we spend on social media platforms and websites.

If a potential client comes across your brand, do your photos accurately depict the quality of your work? Do your photos show that you are a legitimate, professional business? If not, you risk the chance of scaring them away.

2. You’re running out of content to post

We all strive to post consistently on social media so we can get new eyes on our business and show that yep, we’re still actively engaged in business. But if you find yourself with nothing to post, it’s definitely time to schedule a branding session.

Your clients don’t want to see more stock images or graphics – they want to see YOU! In fact, we’re hardwired to remember faces. So, in a way, your face will become more memorable than your logo ever will be. Skip the stock images and get in front of the lens instead.

3. Your photos don’t stand out

You may not compare yourself to the competition, but your customers sure will. If they’re scrolling websites and researching which business they want to work with, who will rise to the top? The brand with professional scroll-stopping images, or the brand with those poorly lit cell phone pictures we talked about earlier?

When your images show yourself, your employees, and your business, you begin creating connections and building trust before ever meeting that client. Imagine what a few friendly faces on your website can do for the growth of your brand.

Does it sound like you need new branding photos?

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3 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Branding Photos