How to Get Started with Email Marketing (With Content Ideas)

If you know it’s time to get started with email marketing but you’re not sure where to begin, this is the post for you! Email marketing is an affordable choice that every small business should utilize. Not only is it a great way to get your business in front of your audience’s eyes, but unlike social media that can disappear or become obsolete, you actually own your mailing list!

Create Goals

First, create a set of goals that you’d like to achieve with email marketing. Are you hoping to get more sales? Do you want to increase brand awareness? How often do you want to send email newsletters? Your answers to these questions will help determine your next move.

Plan Your Content

It’s a good idea to create a content plan for email marketing. Look at your calendar and see when you’ll release new products or services. Then, plan content to get your readers excited about the launch. If this step seems overwhelming, go ahead and start your email marketing anyway! You can always create a more concrete plan in the future.

Create a Mailing List

In order to send emails, you’ll need subscribers! Make the process of signing up for your email newsletters as easy as possible by adding a sign up form on your website. You can make it more enticing by offering a freebie or a promotional offer. Click here to read my blog about email freebies.

Analyze Your Results

To see if your email marketing is a success, you’ll want to analyze your results often. Pay attention to your open rate, unsubscribers, and conversion rate. If something isn’t working for you, try a new strategy. If the amount of emails getting opened is low, for example, consider writing more captivating subject lines.


Here are 5 email marketing topics to get you started!

Welcome Email

After a new subscriber joins your mailing list, send them a welcome email with an introduction to your brand. It’s helpful to automate your welcome email sequence.

New Product or Service

Send an email featuring your products or services. It’s a great idea to send an email any time you offer something new.

Customer Testimonials

If you recently had a customer leave some kind words for you, feel free to share them with your email subscribers. Not only is this a perfect opportunity to allow someone else to sing your praises, but it gives future customers a glimpse at how they’ll feel when they work with you!

Seasonal Promotions

Send an email when you have a seasonal product or service to promote. It’s also a great idea to send an email when you have a sale going on, too.

Repurpose Blog Content

Did you publish a blog and want more people to see it? Send a blurb of your recent post in an email. Include a link so they can read the full blog on your website.

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How to Get Started with Email Marketing (With Content Ideas)