Canva Tips That Make Content Creation So Much Easier

Whether you sell products or services, creating beautiful graphics for social media is a must! If you’ve tried traditional graphic design software like Photoshop and felt totally overwhelmed, Canva is a great alternative. Canva is a graphic design platform with both paid and free options that allows you to easily create graphics. It’s beginner friendly which means you can create content for your business without the struggle. Here are 3 Canva tips for simplifying the process to make content creation so much easier.

Upload Your Own Fonts

If you’ve worked with a brand designer or have fonts you regularly use for your brand, upload them to Canva! Canva already offers a variety of fonts to choose from, but it’s important to use your own to maintain your brand’s signature look. It’s pretty easy to do, too!

Open Canva and click on “Text” to add a text element to your design. 

Click on the “Font” dropdown menu

Scroll to the bottom and click on “Upload a font.” 

Browse your computer to find the font file (OTF or TTF format) and upload it


Add Your Brand Colors

It’s important to use your exact brand colors when creating content for your business. Not only does it allow you to create cohesive designs, but it helps your brand get recognized by your audience. Canva allows you to add color palettes to your Brand Kit so you can easily use your brand colors without having to memorize their codes.

Go to your Canva dashboard and click on “Brand” in the side menu

Click on the “Colors” tab and enter the hex codes for your brand colors

Save your color palette to have easy access to your brand colors

Add Your Logos

Whether you have one logo or multiple variants like submarks or different colorways, you’ll want to preload them to Canva. This ensures that you can add your logos to any graphics you create without having to search for them every single time.

Go to your Canva dashboard and click on “Brand” in the side menu

Click on the “Logos” tab and upload your logos

Save your logos to have easy access to them in the future

When you have Canva loaded with your brand elements like your fonts, colors, and logos, content creation becomes a breeze! Have you tried these Canva tips? Want more ideas for creating eye-catching social media graphics? Click here.

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Canva Tips That Make Content Creation So Much Easier