5 Instagram Caption Templates For Your Next Post

Have you ever let a lack of inspiration keep you from showing up on social media? If you aren’t sure what to post, don’t worry! I’ve put together 5 Instagram caption templates for your next post. These templates work for any industry. Just fill in the blanks and you’re good to go!

1. Share a fun fact about your business or your industry

Is there something about you, your business, or your industry that surprises people? Share it!

Caption Template:

Did you know [enter fun fact]? [Explain more about the fun fact and tie it into your customer/client experience]. [Call-to-action. Ask your audience if they knew the fact or if it surprised them].

2. What sets you apart from the competition? 

There is a long list of what makes you and your business unique. Highlight a few of those key points that set you apart. This is a time to focus on your strengths, not highlight your competitor’s flaws. Keep it positive. 

Caption Template:

One thing that we do differently is [insert thing here]. [Share why that would matter to your customer/client]. [Call-to-action].

3. Share an upcoming special event or promotion   

Share an upcoming event or promotion your business is running or a local community event your customers would enjoy. 

Caption Template:

[Special event] is coming up. Did you know [share event or promotion details]? [Call-to-action].

4. Ask your audience to vote 

Ask for participation from your audience! This is a great opportunity to invite your audience to be a part of the conversation. You can make this as simple or as in-depth as you want! 

Caption Template:

I want to hear from you. Vote for your favorite: [option 1 or option 2]. [Share a little of your thought process]. [Call-to-action].

5. Share a personal note

We can’t forget to keep our social media social. Share a personal note like an employee’s birthday or anniversary, a milestone you are proud of, a “meet the staff”, or a note of gratitude.

Caption Template:

We recently celebrated [milestone or birthday]. [Explanation]. [Call-to-action].

Next time you find yourself staring at a blank screen, unsure of what to post or how to engage with your audience, come back to this post! Use these 5 Instagram caption templates for your next post as is or use them as inspiration and make them your own! Need ideas for your call-to-actions? Click here to read the blog.

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5 Instagram Caption Templates For Your Next Post