3 Strategies For Marketing Your Business Beyond Social Media

As small business owners, we all know how powerful social media can be for marketing our businesses. However, relying solely on social media can limit your brand’s potential reach. If you want to connect with a wider audience, you’ll want to add a few more methods to your marketing strategy. In this blog, I’m breaking down 3 different strategies for marketing your business beyond social media!

1. Nurture Your Email List

Does sending an email seem old-fashioned to you compared to social media?? Don’t underestimate its potential to connect with your audience! Your email list is a guaranteed network of people that already love what you do! If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have subscribed in the first place. Make sure to nurture your list to keep them engaged.

Quick Tips: 

Create Compelling Subject Lines

Provide Valuable Content

Segment Your Email List For Targeted Marketing

Use Automation


2. Focus on SEO

Have you ever wished that someone would find your business in search results instead of you spending money on more paid ads?? That’s a dream that many of us business owners have! If you want your business to appear in search results, you’ll need to optimize your website and create content with keywords that are relevant to your business and industry. Not only will you attract organic traffic, but you’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy, credible authority in your industry too.

Quick Tips:

Research Your Industry Keywords

Optimize Your Website’s Meta Tags and Content

Create Content That People Want To Share

Check Your Website Loading Times

Have A Great Mobile Site

3. Build Relationships in Person

There’s really nothing better than creating face-to-face connections with real people after spending all day staring at a screen! As a business owner, you should always strive to build genuine relationships with customers and people that may share your business with their friends. Since people are more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know, word-of-mouth marketing can have a huge impact on your business!

Quick Tips:

Make Genuine Connections – Don’t Act Salesy

Encourage User Generated Content and Reviews

Have Great Customer Service

Engage In Interesting Conversations 

Host a Workshop or Event to Build Community

Social media is obviously a valuable tool when it comes to marketing your small business, but diversifying your efforts is something you should absolutely consider. Nurture your email list, focus on SEO, and build authentic relationships with the people in your life! When you combine these methods to market your business beyond social media, you’ll create a well-rounded marketing strategy that reaches more people and helps your brand grow!

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3 Strategies For Marketing Your Business Beyond Social Media