The top three tools I use in my business to keep me organized and on top of the details

Nearing a year in entrepreneurship and I am wishing I could go back and tell myself some things on Day 1 that would have been my life SO much easier back then. It has taken me a year to create systems and processes that save me time, and enable me to do more in my business. I rounded up my top three business tools so that you don’t have to waste any time searching and can start creating systems in your business today. 


When I started my business, I knew I needed a way to organize client communication, invoices, and other important documents. I was struggling finding client inquiries between Instagram DMs, Facebook DMs, text messages, and emails. I felt like I was never on top of my client communication. Enter Honeybook. Honeybook is a CRM for creative professionals. Through Honeybook I have created templates for all of my client types so that when an inquiry comes in, I can respond promptly with all the necessary information. When the client is ready to book a service, I can send a proposal with the invoice, contract, and payment plan all in one. I can also send over questionnaires, timelines, and other documents. 

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Communicating with clients (potential clients, current clients, and past clients) outside of social media is important in nurturing your client relationship. Convertkit is my favorite email software because of the functionality it offers. Other email software options include MailChimp and Flodesk. While Convertkit can take a little bit more time to learn, I do think it is worth the time to learn it. 


As a small business owner, keeping your finances organized is crucial to being successful. Being able to compare your income and expenses is beneficial in evaluating marketing efforts and feeling confident about your business’ finances. Quickbooks is a great tool to help you stay on top of your money and be ready for tax season. I share my Quickbooks directly with my accountant so that they can keep an eye on my finances and double-check what I am doing to make sure everything is correct. At the end of the year, they can access my Quickbooks and guide me through the tax process. 

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These tools have helped me set up systems and processes in my business that leave me feeling confident and informed! I would love to hear if you use these tools as well or if there are other tools you rely heavily on for your business! Let me know below.

The top three tools I use in my business to keep me organized and on top of the details