Should You Use Instagram’s Threads App For Your Small Business?

Chances are, you’ve heard the buzz surrounding this newest social media app. Maybe you’re wondering if you should use Instagram’s Threads app for your small business? No matter your questions, I’m breaking down what this app is and whether or not you should use it for your small business marketing strategy!

What is Threads?

Think of Threads as Instagram’s sister app. It’s comparable to Twitter as it’s mostly a text-based platform. Of course, you can add videos, photos, and links to your posts as well.

Over 100 million users joined the first week that Threads was introduced so there’s definitely opportunity to get your business seen. When you sign up, you have the option to follow everyone that you’re already following on Instagram which makes it easy to grow your following on this new app.

Should I use Threads?

First, ask yourself if you’re already overwhelmed with social media. If so, this app may not be for you.

If you can handle taking on one more social media app, then Threads may be a great option.

For most social media platforms, you have to create cute graphics or edit videos in order to standout. With threads, there’s little work to do! You can simply post whatever comes to mind – without having to create a branded graphic to go along with your thoughts.

What should I post on Threads?

Let’s face it, none of us really needed another social media platform. Because of this, many businesses are taking a unique approach to using Threads. Marketing teams, even those that work for large corporations, are using Threads as a space to be completely “unhinged”. They’re posting impulsively, throwing out a polished strategy, and removing the mask of perfection that oftentimes surrounds marketing and social media.

With that being said, what should you post??

Focus on connection! Ask questions. Respond to the people you follow. Get engaged with your community in a way that you haven’t previously.

Talk about your industry. Are there fun facts you can share? Anything you can teach your audience?

Share your thoughts about current events, pop culture, the book you just read, etc. Have fun with it!

Create shareable content. Since there’s a repost feature that allows your followers to repost your content, try sharing quotes (existing or a quote you wrote yourself) that someone may want to share to their own feed. This can help your account get found by new followers.

What do you think? Will you use Instagram’s Threads app for your small business??

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Should You Use Instagram’s Threads App For Your Small Business?