5 Fun Ways To Spice Up Annual Family Photos

Taking family photos can be both an exciting and challenging experience. As a parent, you want to capture your family at its current stage and have gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime. However, getting your littles to sit still and cooperate during a photoshoot can be a real task! But don’t worry! That’s why I’ve put together a list of 5 fun ways to spice up annual family photos.

Not only are these ideas unique and engaging, but they’re sure to keep the kiddos entertained. Use these ideas if you want authentic, heartwarming photos that truly represent your family. Even if your kids are camera shy (or let’s face it, even if YOU’RE the camera shy one), you’re sure to get amazing results with these ideas that are fun for the whole family!


One of the best ways to capture candid moments is by having a family picnic. Choose a beautiful location, like your local park or nature trail. Then, pack up your favorite treats or picnic foods, lay out a cozy blanket, and enjoy! 

Ice Cream

Ice cream makes for a sweet and playful twist to family portraits. Begin the session with traditional poses and family shots, then pull out the ice cream! You can choose whether to promise a sweet treat at the end or surprise them and capture that moment on camera. Imagine how cute the photos will be with ice cream dripping down the cone and the excitement on their little faces!


Head to a nearby park, forested area, hiking trail, or beach if there’s one nearby. You can even use your local downtown area! Allow the kids to run free, playing and interacting with nature and the setting around them. This is especially perfect for the family that loves the outdoors, but these will make beautiful shots for any family. Plus, the beautiful scenery doesn’t hurt!


Who doesn’t love bubbles?? Bubbles are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and they add dimension and fun to family photos. The kids will have a great time blowing bubbles towards the camera. 

Arts & Crafts

Here’s a creative idea for your next family session – craft time! Whether it’s painting on canvases or finger painting, the process of creating art together is sure to result in sweet candid moments. Not only will this keep the kids engaged, but you can display their art at home afterwards! Imagine a gallery wall that includes gorgeous family photos and the art that was created during the session. Soooo fun!

This list of 5 fun ways to spice up annual family photos are sure to get the entire family engaged and having fun. Trust me, if you’re having fun behind the scenes, you’ll be able to feel it in your photos too!

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5 Fun Ways To Spice Up Annual Family Photos