3 Tips For Creating Videos For Social Media

You’ve probably heard how important video content is for growing your social media channels. When creating videos for social media, how can you ensure that your audience will actually watch instead of scrolling past them?

Here are my 3 tips for creating videos for social media to increase your views and ensure your audience has an enjoyable watching experience!


Think about this – When do you scroll through social media the most? I bet it’s while you’re lying in bed or waiting for your coffee order at your favorite local spot. Many times, we watch videos with the volume on mute so that’s why it’s so important to use captions! Not only that, but captions make your videos accessible to those with hearing difficulties. Captions also provide the algorithm with lots of relevant keywords.

You can write your caption beneath your video in the dedicated caption space, and you can add captions directly to your video. Luckily, both Instagram and TikTok offer this feature so there’s no need to manually type out every word you’re saying. It makes it so easy to ensure those silent watchers are getting the most out of your content without scrolling away.

Annika Frame sitting on a chair and offering 3 tips for Creating Videos For Social Media


Music can really set the tone for your brand and help you connect to your audience. Have you ever been to a wedding where the dance floor comes to life because one beloved song starts to play? Music has a way of bringing us together, even on social media!

Trending sounds are a great way to get new eyes on your content so long as you make sure that the sound makes sense for your brand. There’s no point in using a trending sound that your audience hates when you can use a song you know they’ll love instead.


Do you consider what value you’re providing when creating video content for social media? Are you offering something in video format that’s different from your other posts? Are you giving your audience a reason to tune in?

Video content is a great way for your audience to get to know you and your personality. You can provide entertainment or education. You can give them a look behind the scenes or showcase a new product or service. You can even bring them along on your recent vacation or show them your newest hobby. Get creative!

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3 Tips For Creating Videos For Social Media