3 Things Every Photographer Should Automate Before Busy Season

Busy season can be equal parts exciting and stressful for photographers, but what if I told you there are things every photographer should automate before busy season that can help turn that stress meter down a few notches?

Imagine finding time to relax during even the most hectic of times so you can finally crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read or spend time with your family without your inbox looming in the back of your mind. Sounds amazing, right?

Busy season means more hours spent behind the computer editing and more hours spent answering emails and scheduling sessions. It also means more hours capturing the most important moments in your client’s lives, and for that, you’ll want to be at your best!

That’s why I love automating anything that can take some tasks off of my plate. Automation allows me to bring my A-game to every session without burning out. 

Here are the top 3 things every photographer should automate before busy season.

1. Client Communication

While you may not be able to automate every aspect of client communication, you can automate things like your pre-session questionnaires, resources, tips & tricks for planning, and so much more. I personally use Honeybook, but you can use your favorite CRM program to accomplish this. Having a good CRM is my favorite time-saving tool!  Click here to get Honeybook for 20% off.

2. Social Media

Use your favorite scheduling tool to schedule one or two posts each week for the entire Summer. When life gets busy (as it always does during busy season), you can still be consistent with showing up online. You can always add more posts as you go, but this way you have a baseline and aren’t going MIA for weeks at a time. You can schedule your content for free through Facebook’s Meta Business Suite.

3. Auto Response

Many of us aren’t in front of our laptops 9-5, Monday through Friday during busy season. Consider adding an auto-response to your inbox to let people know you’ve received their email. It can include links to additional tools as well as your current office hours so they know when they can expect a response back. This creates peace of mind for your clients and frees up time so you don’t have to be glued to your inbox all Summer long.

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3 Things Every Photographer Should Automate Before Busy Season