3 Optimization Tips To Remember When Setting Up Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest is an amazing tool for marketing your small business. But, pinning pretty pictures and aesthetic graphics isn’t always enough if you want to drive traffic to your website and grow your following. In addition to pinning great content, you’ll want to make sure you follow my tips to optimize your Pinterest account. Otherwise, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to attract potential customers and clients! 

By implementing these three tips to optimize your Pinterest account, you’ll create a stronger presence on Pinterest, increase your visibility, and make it easier for your dream clients to find you!

1. Claim Your Website

First things first, you’ll want to claim your URL on Pinterest. Claiming your website will help your pins rank higher in search results because Pinterest prioritizes original pins created by a website’s owner. It also allows you to access analytics for any Pins you publish from your site as well as pins that other people publish from your site.

2. Keywords In Your Bio

Your Pinterest bio is a great place to introduce your business and let viewers know what they can expect by following your account. Use relevant keywords in your bio as it will improve your visibility but be sure to avoid keyword stuffing. Pinterest prioritizes natural language on their platform, so always write in complete sentences too.  

3. Optimize Your Boards

Create Pinterest boards, but don’t create too many at first! You can always create more boards later if you need them. Five boards is a good starting point. Pinterest prefers active boards, so only create as many boards as you can consistently keep up with. Use relevant keywords in both the title and description to help your boards and content appear in search results.

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3 Optimization Tips To Remember When Setting Up Your Pinterest Account