3 Ways To Repurpose Content on Social Media | Small Business Marketing

When it comes to small business marketing, it’s important to work smarter, not harder!

Every piece of content you create can be used on another social media platform or on your website with just a little bit of effort. And the best part? You don’t need a giant budget to achieve great results.

Keep reading for my 3 easy ways to repurpose content to make marketing your small business a breeze. 


Blogs are great because they create more opportunities for your website to be found in search engine results. They’re also a nice starting point because you can create so many pieces of content from them (even a podcast or video script). Just be sure to write blogs that your audience actually wants to read, and you’ll be good to go!

Email Newsletters

Take your latest blog post and create an email newsletter to send out to your subscribers. Don’t forget to write a scroll-stopping title for your email to capture their attention! If the blog is long, simply add a teaser to the email with a link bringing the reader to your website where they can read the rest.

Instagram Stories

Create a set of branded graphics for your Instagram Stories. Then, copy and paste your blog onto the slides and upload them directly to Instagram. You can even turn your blogs into Instagram carousel posts to post directly to your feed to get more views and engagement.

I hope this gets your wheels turning and you feel inspired to repurpose all of that content you worked so hard creating!

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3 Ways To Repurpose Content on Social Media | Small Business Marketing